Ed mediates his existence through a constructive engagement with the objects that surround him. His work is informed by the capturing of somaesthetic experiences in a notebook; as well as the appropriation of ideas from literature & philosophy.  He makes street art with an instrumental value and poetic connotation that attempts to affect the way people think, feel and act; and sees his overall body of work as a value laden biographical trace of a lived engagement.

His studio practice makes use of the materiality and design of street signs as a way of communicating minimalist concepts directly to an audience. By borrowing the Highways Agency typography font and pantone color range, he tricks the audience into absorbing the ideas he wishes to convey.

Ed experiments with verbo-visual, free verse, and the use of signifiers and symbols from the traditions of European and American poetry and Conceptual Word Art. He places vernacular language and emotional aesthetics within particular contexts enabling individuals to reflect inter-subjectively on their personal worlds. His practice sits mainly within computer designed print and industrial manufacturing.

He has pursued an interest in words for the last twenty years both as a professional print journalist and bookseller, prior to becoming a poetic word artist.